Nursery School

IISG has prepared a “safety project” dedicated to nurseries and kindergartens, in order to help educators and teachers in their daily work.
Testing everything that comes into contact with the child, during his stay inside and outside (green areas, gardens) of the building, it is possible to evaluate the safety of the whole structure.


First of all, an Institute’s technician visits the nursery school in order to verify:

  • Structural details (for example edges, long strings of roller shutters, electrical sockets);
  • Entertainment products (such as toys used for private use in public areas);
  • Furniture (beds, tables).

At the end of inspection, the Institute produces a REPORT about the condition of the various critical points analysed. Inside the report there’re also some details about CORRECTIVES ACTIONS, and INSTRUCTIONS that must be applied in order to turn the structure safe.

When the structure is declared safe, the Italian Institute for Toy Safety will release the CERTIFICATION “Teddy – Checked Safety”. This certification may be equipped with a PLATE in order to highlight the result obtained to all the structure’s visitors.

This certification will be valid for a period of one year. In order to ensure and maintain the security of the structure, the Italian Institute for Toy Safety offers some ADDITIONAL SERVICES as:

  • TRAINING for professionals

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