Children Apparel

UL carry out tests for safety on apparel, accessories and shoes for children.  The main aspects of safety testing are strictly connected with the prevention of choking hazards due to the ingestion of small parts, and of the strangulation or entanglement risks due to the presence of cords on children’s apparel.


The main tests performed in the laboratory are:

  • Evaluation of safety and dimensions of shirts and pants drawcords – Evaluation of compliance with EN 14682 “DRAWSTRINGS”
  • Button and Snap attachment resistance, trim and appliqué attachment resistance
  • Evaluation of toxiticy: lead, cadmio, nickel and heavy metals content in all trim components
  • Evaluation of overall safety of garments with attention to sharp points and sharp edges (for example zippers and hasps)
  • Evaluation of neck opening stretch compared with sizes
  • Flammability resistance on children sleepwear.



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