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TEXTILEThe ICQ textile laboratory was founded in 1995 and has grown to over 5000 square meters. Our continued international partnerships confirms our leadership in safety and performance testing.


The laboratory performs tests according to national and international standards (UNI, EN, ISO, BS, GB, JIS, AATCC, ASTM, DIN, etc) in the following proficiency fields:

  • CHILDREN’S CLOTHING (specialized)

Our test programs address all components of the textile chain from fiber, yarn, and
fabric, to snaps, trims and garments etc.
The laboratory is well equipped to manage rush (2-3 working days) and priority services (1-2 working days).
Qualified personnel provide technical assistance for inspection, audit and testing program development and data interpretations.


Each sample received is identified with a bar code that guarantees the traceability at each phase of testing.
ICQ carries out many different TESTS including:

  1. MECHANICAL TESTING: tensile strength, tear strength, seam slippage, abrasion and pilling resistance, stretch and recovery, uniformity, unevenness and yarn tenacity, small parts attachment, rain test and spray test.
  2. COLOURFASTNESS TESTING: to light, to crocking, to perspiration, to washing and bleaches, to pool water and sea water, to burnt gas fading.
  3. CHEMICAL ANALYSIS: formaldehyde, pH, azo colorants, pentachlorophenol, flame retardant finish, pesticides, nickel, cadmium, nonylphenol and nonylphenol ethoxylate, phthalates, SVHC and RSL.
  4. FLAMMABILITY TEST: on upholstery fabric, on daywear apparel and nightwear apparel.
  5. Verifications and determinations of FIBER CONTENT LABEL and CARE INSTRUCTIONS.
  6. SAFETY VERIFICATIONS OF CHILDREN’S CLOTHING: according to all international Standards and Regulations.

ICQ is able to offer the following SERVICES:

  • Technical consultancy and comprehensive Risk Assessment with special attention to children’s clothing (drawstring and cords specifications based on EN 14682, small parts attachment strength – buttons, zippers, pom-pom, etc).
  • Consultancy for manual and protocols development.
  • Defective analysis.
  • Inspections and Audits (social audits, factory audits, initial production inspections, during production inspections and final random inspections).
  • Workshops and Seminars: our experts offer their experience with courses and seminars based on your specific needs even at your facility’s.


Today market requires to companies a new and growing sensitivity toward two intangible aspects of products: respect for the environment and attention to human health. ICQ, which has always been a reference point in certification of products on the market, can offer their customers a system of analysis and monitoring current and increasingly integrated in accordance with the various European Directives and international laws.
ICQ wishes emphasize the importance of chemical safety: our lab, thanks to sophisticated equipments, is able to verify the presence of RSL hazardous substances in your products (pesticides, azo dye, carcinogens, allergens, ecc.).
RSL means “Restricted Substances List” and it’s the list of all banned substances in several states of the world or recognized injurious for human health and environment.
ICQ can apply RSL’ test to fabrics, yarns, garments, leather, soft furnishing and accessories too.


In collaboration with the Philadelphia University Research Textile lab – ICQ is pleased to offer comfort testing services for fabrics and garments. Our range of comfort testing services on FABRICS includes:

  • Thermal Resistance (ASTM D 1518)
  • Thermal and Evaporative Resistance (ASTM  F 1868)
  • Measurement of water vapour permeability of textiles (ASTM E96)

Regarding the evaluation of GARMENTS, ICQ uses a Sweating manikin in order to evaluate the Thermal and Evaporative Resistance (according to ASTM F 1291, ISO 15831 and ASTM F 2370).

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