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ICQ chemical lab was the first one in Italy to obtain the accreditation by the Economic Development Ministry to carry out tests and analysis to verify the conformity of “indoor paints and varnishes” to ecological criteria.
The Ecolabel mark may be awarded to paints and varnishes that fall within the product group “indoor paints and varnishes” which comply with ecological criteria set out into the Decision (2009/544/EC).
Once you products have passed all the requested analysis, ICQ staff is able to assist you for the technical documentation to submit to ISPRA to obtain the Ecolabel to mark your products.

Requirements to submit to ISPRA to obtain the Ecosafe mark are:

  • Determinarion of formaldehydes content;
  • Determination of spreading rate for paints (ISO 6504-1 and 6504-3);
  • Determination of wet scrub resistance for wall paints defined as washable, cleanable or brushable (EN ISO 11998 – EN 13300);
  • Determination of resistance to water for varnishes, floor coatings and floor paints (EN ISO 2812-3);
  • Adhesion test for floor coatings, floor paints and undercoats (EN ISO 2409, ISO 4624);
  • Abrasion test for floor coatings and floor paints (EN ISO 7784-2).

Indoor paints and varnishes – Other chemical analysis requested to obtain the Ecolabel mark:

  • Determination of the content of volatile organic compounds – VACS – based on Directive 2004/42/EC;
  • Determination of the content of volatile aromatic hydrocarbons – VHS;
  • Determination of certain heavy metals content.

ICQ is well equipped to carry out further tests and analysis for the evaluation of qualitative and performance characteristics of paints and varnishes, for examples:

  • Evaluation of color change after accelerated aging;
  • Analysis for quantitative and qualitative determination of resins;
  • Determination of airborne sound insulation characteristics of paints (UNI EN ISO 140-3);
  • Evaluation of the fireproof characteristics of paints and varnishes (UNI 9796:1998).


ICQ offers the possibility to use the registered “Checked Safety” mark to manufacturers producing paints and varnishes with lower environmental impact. Checked Safety mark is well known by consumers as a proof of safety analyses and tests carried out by a third independent part.

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