ISO Certification

ICQ staff offers consultancy and assistance for the implementation of Quality and Environmental Administration System based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards (voluntary international standards applicable to all kind of companies).

A skilled team, proposes a new simple but more efficient approach to environment/quality systems, due to specific equipments that make proficient the system that has been installed. In this way you are contributing to a drastic cut on management costs with the resulting improvement of performances and proportional economical benefits.

ISO 9000 standard series have been developed by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) in order to define international requirements for quality administration system.

2000 Edition of the series ISO 9000 includes 4 documents supporting various technical reports:

  • ISO 9000: Quality administration system – Fundamentals and nomenclature;
  • ISO 9001: Quality administration system – Requirements;
  • ISO 9004: Quality administration system – Guidelines for the efficiency improvement;
  • ISO 19011: Quality administration system – Guidelines for the efficiency improvement.

Standard 14001 allows the company to control and minimize, through specific procedures, the impact of its own activities/products/ services on the environment and certifies the reliance of the environmental administration system applied.


  • ISO 14001: Environment administration system – Requirements and handbook;
  • ISO 14004: Environment administration system – General guidelines on principles, systems and technical support;
  • ISO 19011: Guidelines for quality and environmental administration systems.

In this context ICQ offers the support of high skilled personnel and with advanced equipment able to evaluate the impact of the company processes on the environment.

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