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From decades ICQ is a competent reference for furniture industry, giving its contribute to the qualitative and innovative growth of the companies operating in the sector. ICQ offers a highly competitive staff of engineers, architects, technicians and analysts that are constantly updated on furniture regulations and standards development. Tests are performed in our laboratories both in compliance with national/international standards and based on internal equipments and methods custom-tailored from the technical staff.

The hard-line furniture laboratory performs tests on the following groups of products:

  • Chair seat
  • Tables, desks
  • Closet, wardrobes
  • Beds, bunk beds
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Outside furniture
  • School furniture
  • Office furniture

Tests performed ensure the compliance of furniture not only to standards requirements but also to specific internal quality standard developed by a Company (i.e. tensile strength and load resistance) to ensure the quality of the production. The following test are performed:

  • Surface tests: resistances to abrasion/scratches, and cleaning products;
  • Fast ageing tests: light and heat resistances and fast ageing;
  • Mechanical tests: static and dynamic load test, duration test, deflection test, resistance to strength, resistance to stability, crash test, evaluation of electric devices;
  • Resistance to strength and duration test on components: drawer guides, hinges, door locks, furniture feets, bed staves, elastic straps, chair frames;
  • Flame reaction: reaction to heat, small flame and radiant plate, “cigarette test”, compliance to USA technical standards;
  • Chemical analysis: corrosion resistance in salt spray, content and emission of formaldehyde, analysis of paints and varnishes, absence of toxic contents;
  • Suitability of Packaging: drop tests, vibration tests, carton’s construction and bursting strength, etc.;
  • Safety requirements: finger entrapment, shearing and squeezing points, sharp edges.

Main purpose of ICQ team is to contribute to develop, in furniture industry, the culture of the quality and the excellent design together with the safety knowledge.
With the implementation in Italy (Legislative Decree 206/2005) of the European General Product Safety Regulation, SAFETY has become a mandatory need.
Due to the expertise acquired in furniture and to the multi-year experience on safety issues, ICQ can verify furniture from the preliminary realization of prototypes. This ensure that SAFETY of the item has been kept on a high level.
Together with ICQ team, you can use the focus on SAFETY issue in addition to the high QUALITY as a marketing medium, with a clear and evident communication to the final users.

Our efficient and rapid service will be YOUR competitive benefit.

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