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New mobile application delivers valuable regulatory developments and up-to-date news impacting the global children’s apparel industry.

When it comes to children’s clothing, there’s more to consider than merely how they look. Clothing may unintentionally compromise your child’s wellbeing while design or engineering defects could be overlooked. The right knowledge and expertise is needed to ensure that clothing is safe and suitable for use.

UL’s new mobile application, UL ChildAware™, helps retailers, manufacturers, importers and brands to have the most current regulatory information for children’s clothes and footwear.

UL ChildAware

News and Alerts: Packed with information on legislation and testing requirement updates to support smarter business decisions and access global markets, UL ChildAware™ keeps businesses up to date with regulatory developments.

Ask the Expert: UL ChildAware™ offers expert children’s apparel safety advice and resources that are tailored to address each manufacturer and retailer’s specific requirements. 

Regulatory Compliance: UL ChildAware™ offers ease of reference to see if clothing is compliant with EU or US legislation. You are able to identify or refine information through these categories: Sleepwear, Daywear, Undergarments, Footwear and Costumes.

Download UL ChildAware™

iTunes: https://goo.gl/kpHsPG
Google Play: https://goo.gl/5xRqgW

For more information contact QAInfo@ul.com, and a UL representative will be in touch soon.

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